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October 2016

Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians

Countess De Markievicz, Div. #1

Minutes from the General Business Meeting

October 13, 2016

Attending (Officers): Megan Kelly, Kristin DeMain, Toni Dodge, Gretchen Moriarty, Mary Driscoll, Janelle Brown, Pat O’Connor #2

(Members): Elaine Browning, Leah Demko, Rosemary Feka, Karen Finn, Teresa Harris, Mary Higgins, Maureen Lovell, Julie McGhee, Beth Motika, Lindsay Stemen, Katie Sommers

Absent (Officers):

(Members): Joanna Brand (ex), Phyllis Cain (ex), Colleen Campbell, Dawn Clark, Maureen Clark (ex), Rory Clark (ex), Jo Ann Cormack, Rose Eaton, Norah Fagan (ex), Karen Finn, Mary Hayes (ex), Carol Higgins (ex), Ginny Holleran (ex), Rachel Hunter, Kristine Konich, Judy Leddy (ex), Julie Lovett, Nona McGuire, Janet McGue, Mary Modic (ex), Megan Moriarty, Heidi Motika (ex), Pat O’Connor #1 (ex), Sue O’Connor, Holly O’Leary, Dawn Peterson, Judy Pitts, Louise Popich (ex), Erin Reidy (ex), Deborah Reinstatler, Michele Sagraves, Jessica Schmitt, Cathy Sullivan (ex), Mary Ann Weber (ex), Megan Weis (ex), Mary Ann Williams, Julie Wright, Heather O’Leary Ziccardi

The meeting was called to order by President Megan Kelly. Opening prayers were said.

Installation of Officers: None.

Initiation of New Members: None.

Approval of the minutes

· Motion (Mary Driscoll/Janelle Brown) to suspend with reading of minutes was PASSED and minuteswere approved.

Presentation of bills:

· Motion to reimburse Mary Driscoll $22.64 for relish tray for funeral was PASSED.

Officers’ Reports

· Recording Secretary: Correspondence was read by Kristin.

· Chaplain: A new Chaplain is needed. Rosie approached Sister Mary Riley at St. Matthias.

  • President: Megan thanked Elaine and Julie for the snacks. Saturday, November 12 at Tara Hall. LAOH will provide lunch. Joint meeting with AOH and then individual meetings will take place. Mary Driscoll will prepare a relish tray, Janelle Brown suggested we leave a basket, Lisa O-P will help with food (meat), Teresa Harris will help with desserts, and Mary will bring soup. There will be no Celtic New Year Celebration as last year was a big loss. There may be plans for a smaller celebration. AOH/LAOH Christmas Installation is December 10 at Tara Hall; 4:00pm at St. Llad’s and pot luck following.

  • Vice President: Sister Jo Ann.

· Financial Secretary: There are ___ paid members, 19 members in attendance, 7 seniors, 3 national life, and total members.

· Treasurer: Total Receipts were $14.00 and expenses were $327.50. Account balances are: MIN - $960.09, Celtic - $432.71, Checking balance - $8,033.92 and $5,412.77 after Cottage Fund of $2,621.15.

· Historian: Mary apologized for not being in attendance at last meeting. She brought back the book “The Scrap,” and shared about Jim Morris (1916) and talked about survivors (countess died at age 59). Shared info about She passed out candy for Halloween, and talked about Ireland where 1,000 people dressed up. The Halloween story of “Trick or Treat” started out as poor going to rich families. Reminder that October 28-, 30, OSU will put on a 1916 rebellion play “The Plough and the Stars,” at the Southern Theater. Tickets available through CAPA.

· Missions & Charities: No Report.

· Catholic Action: Mary Higgins has taken over this position. Remember, October is the month of the rosary and Right to Life month.

· Sentinel: No Report. Ask for prayers for loved ones lost.

· Mistress at Arms: No Report.

Committee reports:

· Freedom For All Ireland-Heather O’Leary Ziccardi/Elaine Browning: No Report.

· Hospitality-Teresa Harris: Thanks to Elain Browning & Julie McGhee. November is

· Newsletter: Information to be added to website and Facebook pages.

· Membership-Rory Clark: No Report.

· Publicity-Leah Demko: No Report.

· Sunshine-Julie McGhee: Julie sent cards for the Haney, Gaugh & Doyle families.

· Cottage-Maureen Lovell: Lisa O-P reported that Cathy, Lisa, and Maureen did a cleaning of the cottage, re-arranged items, and preparing for painting (Saturday 10/15/16). They will be starting at 10:00 a.m. and more are invited to join. Megan will be discussing with Maureen options to make updates to the front of the cottage. Some of the repairs are necessary due to safety issues. Motion (Rosemary/Lisa O-P) to secure three estimates for the repair work to determine the pricing and needs was PASSED.

· Bereavement-Maureen Lovell: No Report.

· Activities-Rory Clark, Erin Reidy, Leah Demko: Leah reports Colleen says “hi” from Australia, where she will be for one year. The date for Christmas Dinner will be announced at the next meeting. She is passing around ideas for activities for the evening and restaurant options for membership vote. She is also asking everyone to look at ideas for activities for next year, including bonfires, etc. Rory invited members to join the adult Irish step-dancing class she recently joined. Motion (Mary D/Mary H) to have the Christmas Dinner December 1 was PASSED.

· Website-Maureen Clark, Toni Dodge, Lisa O-P: No Report.

Unfinished Business

· Teresa reminded members to sign up for donation items for the Christmas food drive. All needs to be provided by the November meeting.

· Megan looked at fabric at JoAnn’s Fabrics but did not find anything yet. Pricing is being researched.

· Reminder that nominations for officers will be voted on at the November meeting.

· Megan took school supplies to St. Mary’s. Megan asks that if anyone else has supplies to let her know so that she can deliver the additional supplies. Note: St. Mary’s was struck by lightning and has been shut down. Currently mass is

New business:

· There will be a cookie exchange again this year. Discussion was when to put together and sell the cookies. Megan will work on the details and update the membership. Motion (Mary D/Lisa O-P) to bring cookies Wednesday, December 7 and assemble the same night was PASSED. Each member is asked to bring six dozen cookies. This will be designated as a division fundraiser.

· Megan will be meeting with the officers to work on the year-end reports to get them completed on a timely basis.

· Megan read the by-laws regarding Member of the Year. The written nominations are due by the end of the October meeting and voting is conducted at the November meeting. Member of the Year will be announced at Installation.

· Mary Higgins discussed Irish Freedom and monies raised for Ireland and people of Ireland. Motion (Mary H/Lisa O-P) to give $100 to the Christmas Appeal each year to support people of Ireland was PASSED.

· Lisa asked about a new banner for parades. Mary D. will check with the Flag Lady.

· Officers:

o President – Megan Kelly

o Vice-President – Kristin DeMain

o Recording Secretary – Toni Dodge

o Treasurer – Gretchen Moriarty

o Financial Secretary – Lisa O-P

o Historian – Mary Driscoll

o Missions and Charities – OPEN

o Catholic Action – Mary Higgins

o Mistress at Arms – Pat O’Connor #2

o Sentinel – Janelle Brown

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