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June 2016

Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians

Countess De Markievicz, Div. #1

Minutes from the General Business Meeting

June 9, 2016

Attending (Officers): Megan Kelly, Kristin DeMain, Toni Dodge, Gretchen Moriarty, Lisa O’Connell-Paccioretti, Mary Driscoll, Janelle Brown

(Members): Elaine Browning, Phyllis Cain, Rory Clark, Jo Ann Cormack, Leah Demko, Rosemary Feka, Rachel Hunter, Kristine Konich, Julie Lovett, Julie McGhee, Mary Modic, Beth Motika, Heidi Motika, Pat O’Connor #1, Pat O’Connor #2, Louise Popich, Erin Reidy, Lindsay Stemen, Cathy Sullivan, Mary Ann Williams, Julie Wright

Absent (Officers): Karen Finn (ex), Judy Leddy (ex), Chaplain Bud Campbell (ex)

(Members): Joanna Brand (ex), Colleen Campbell, Dawn Clark, Maureen Clark, Rose Eaton, Norah Fagan, Teresa Harris (ex), Mary Hayes (ex), Carol Higgins (ex), Mary Higgins (ex), Ginny Holleran (ex), Maureen Lovell (ex), Nona McGuire, Janet McGue, Megan Moriarty, Holly O’Leary, Sue O’Connor, Dawn Peterson, Judy Pitts, Deborah Reinstatler, Michele Sagraves, Jessica Schmitt (ex), Mary Ann Weber (ex), Megan Weis (ex), Heather O’Leary Ziccardi

The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Kristin DeMain and then continued by President Megan Kelly. Opening prayers were said.

Installation of Officers: None.

Initiation of New Members: Julie Wright, Jo Ann Cormack, Louise Popich, Mary Ann Williams, and Kristin Konik were initiated. Welcome!

Approval of the minutes

  1. Motion (Janelle/Mary D) to suspend with reading of minutes was PASSED and minutes were approved.

Presentation of bills:

  1. Megan Kelly submitted expenses of $296.00 for the sub sales.

Reading of Correspondence:

  1. No Report.

Officers’ Reports

  1. Recording Secretary: Correspondence was read.

  2. Chaplain: Deacon Chris Campbell was excused.

  3. President: Megan thanked the Janelle, Julie L. and Rosie for the snacks. She attended the State Board meeting in Cleveland 6/4/16. The Athens division disbanded and returned their charter. Prayers were said for State Treasurer Maureen Johnson who has been battling health issues since 3/16. Winner of the USA wreath fundraiser for the two Ohio candidates running for National office was won by Mary Higgins. They are collecting Ohio items for a basket for the

  4. Vice President: Kristin discussed the possibility of nametags for the members. Judy offered to price the options, but each member would be responsible for purchasing their own. Rosie suggested plastic cards with lanyards, and Gretchen suggested we have a spot to hang here.

  5. Financial Secretary: There are 31 paid members, 26 members in attendance, 7 seniors, 3 national life, and 53 total members.

  6. Treasurer: Total Receipts were $1400.00 and expenses were $1,654.31. Account balances are: MIN - $1,160.05, Celtic - $932.68, Checking balance - $8,997.98 and $5,401.02 after Cottage Fund of $3,235.15. Gretchen reported that there were a lot of outstanding checks. Megan advised the by-laws will be changing and all will have 90 days to cash their checks.

  7. Historian: Mary read about Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates and the problems with ships that were captured. One captured individual, Lt. O’Bannion, was finally rescued by Jefferson’s newly developed navy. O’Bannion started a battle with 9 marines …”from the halls of Montezuma…to the shores of Tripoli…” helped a king get back his throne. Lisa shared Netflix has a series on “Warrior Women” that is recommended. Mary thanked all who were able to assist with flags for graves for Memorial Day.

  8. Missions & Charities: No Report.

  9. Catholic Action: No Report. Megan reported that St. Joseph’s would be either July 16 or July 23

  10. Sentinel: Janelle asked us to keep Karen in our prayers due to health issues. She is currently in Riverside.

  11. Mistress at Arms: No Report.

Committee reports:

  1. Freedom For All Ireland-Heather O’Leary Ziccardi/Elaine Browning: Elaine shared about a shooting in a County Down pub from 1994. The report indicated police collusion.

  2. Hospitality-Teresa Harris: Thanks to Julie Lovett, Janelle Browning, and Rosie Feka for snacks. August is

  3. Newsletter-Mary Higgins: No Report.

  4. Membership-Rory Clark: Happy that membership is booming. She is working on a new membership welcome packet.

  5. Publicity-Leah Demko: Leah said people are accessing and using the Facebook page. She will post things requested.

  6. Sunshine-Julie McGhee: Julie sent cards to Brian O’Reilly, Mary Ann Weber, and Lindsay. She will be sending cards to Carol Higgins, Deb Reinstatler, and Maureen Lovell’s cousin’s death.

  7. Cottage-Maureen Lovell: Megan reports there is a new toilet in the cottage. Thank John next time you see him! Rosie brought the vacuum cleaner.

  8. Bereavement-Maureen Lovell: No Report.

  9. Activities-Rory Clark: Rory reports that the art with Maureen will be scheduled soon. They were also thinking of coordinating Saturday morning volleyball activities at Autobahn Park (Weber & Hudson).

  10. Website-Maureen Clark, Toni Dodge, Lisa O-P: No Report.

Unfinished Business

  1. Megan is has 1 Lilly pin.

  2. Megan spoke with the Shamrock Club Festival committee. There is a fundraising opportunity to sell ice cream. She passed around a sign-up sheet for sign-ups July 8-9. Also – if anyone is interested in providing any baking for the Clann na nGael Feis, let Megan know. Contact Karen Komatsu if interested in entering the baking contest.

  3. There is no update on the baldrick material.

  4. Megan will pursue fundraising opportunities through the Limited Brands.

  5. Clann na nGael t-shirts are still available.

  6. February 18, 2017 is the next Clann na nGael dinner.

  7. AOH Golf outing 6/11, DOE Golf Outing is Sunday, 8/28.

  8. The National Convention is in July 11-15 in Atlantic City – 5 members plan to attend. Maureen, Teresa, Lisa, Mary Ann and Lisa plan to attend. Motion (Lisa/Leah) to pay for the National Convention registration and expenses in the amount of $500 was PASSED. Rory suggested Megan produce receipts from the convention to help for planning of next year.

  9. Janelle encouraged all to sign up for a DIF shift or two as this is the largest fundraiser we have and it supports many of the expenses of our division.

  10. Holy Family is sponsoring a pilgrimage to Carey for the candlelight procession and mass. Take a lawn chair and snacks. August 14 is the date for this event.

New business:

  1. Megan made a motion, Rory seconded to reinstate the August meeting was PASSED.

  2. Charity for August – Janelle suggested we do school supplies for St. Mary’s school in German Village. Mary Driscoll reminded everyone to watch for the school supply sales that will be going in this summer. Suggestion was accepted by the division.

  3. Emerald Society Pig Roast

  4. Bicycle Fundraiser

  5. Flag Day Tuesday 6/14 at the Shamrock Club. Beth’s father-in-law, Joe Motika, is being honored.

  1. Officers:

  1. President – Megan Kelly

  2. Vice-President – Kristin DeMain

  3. Recording Secretary – Toni Dodge

  4. Treasurer – Gretchen Moriarty

  5. Financial Secretary – Lisa O-P

  6. Historian – Mary Driscoll

  7. Missions and Charities – Judy Leddy

  8. Catholic Action – Karen Finn

  9. Mistress at Arms – Pat O’Connor #2

  10. Sentinel – Janelle Brown

  1. Committees

  2. Audit – Toni Dodge, Julie Lovett, Mary Driscoll

  3. Activities – Rory Clark, Erin Reidy, Leah Demko

  4. Bereavement – Maureen Lovell

  5. Cottage Manager – Maureen Lovell

  6. Freedom for All Ireland – Elaine Browning, Heather O’Leary Ziccardi

  7. Sunshine – Julie McGhee

  8. Hospitality – Teresa Harris

  9. Newsletter – Mary Higgins

  10. Publicity – Leah Demko

  11. Membership – Rory Clark

  12. Website – Toni Dodge, Maureen Clark, Lisa O’Connell-Paccioretti

Irish Calendar Events:

  1. June 16 – LAOH darts night at the Shamrock Club

  2. June 17 – Birthday night at Tara Hall

  3. July 8 and 9 – Shamrock Club Festival – LAOH ice cream sales

  4. July 11 to 15 – National Convention

  5. August 11 – Division meeting (note: August meeting reinstated)

  6. August 14 – Holy Family pilgrimage to Carey

  7. August 21 – Feast of Our Lady of Knock. Rory will coordinate mass and then Shamrock Club corn roast. Lisa scheduled St. Ladislas on behalf of our division for this date.

Proposals for new members: None.

50/50 Raffle: Total collected was $42.00 and Lindsay got $21.00.

Good and Welfare:

  1. Rory – cousin has kidney infection

  2. Lindsay – Clay’s recovery, sister-in-law pregnant, grandfather health issues

  3. Leah – Colleen Campbell’s brother getting married

  4. Erin – brother & wife expecting

  5. Janelle – Karen Finn

  6. Pat #1 – cousin finished radiation, working on chemo

  7. Megan – all members who are with health issues

  8. Phyllis – thanks Megan for update emails, oldest grandson boot camp

  9. Julie W – mom battling cancer (3rd time)

  10. Mary D – grandson has pneumonia

Motion to adjourn (Kristin DeMain/Mary Driscoll) was PASSED.

The next meeting of the LAOH will be held on Thursday, August 11, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

_____________________________ __________________________

Toni Dodge Megan Kelly

Recording Secretary President

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