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May 2016

Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians

Countess De Markievicz, Div. #1

Minutes from the General Business Meeting

May 12, 2016

Attending (Officers): Megan Kelly, Kristin DeMain, Toni Dodge, Gretchen Moriarty, Lisa O’Connell-Paccioretti, Mary Driscoll, Karen Finn, Judy Leddy, Janelle Brown

(Members): Elaine Browning, Colleen Campbell, Rosemary Feka, Teresa Harris, Rachel Hunter (new), Maureen Lovell, Julie McGhee, Mary Modic, Beth Motika, Heidi Motika, Pat O’Connor #1, Cathy Sullivan

Absent (Officers): Pat O’Connor #2 (ex), Chaplain Bud Campbell

(Members): Joanna Brand (ex), Phyllis Cain (ex), Dawn Clark (ex), Maureen Clark (ex), Rory Clark (ex), Leah Demko (ex), Rose Eaton, Norah Fagan, Mary Hayes (ex), Carol Higgins (ex), Mary Higgins (ex), Ginny Holleran (ex), Julie Lovett, Nona McGuire, Janet McGue, Megan Moriarty, Holly O’Leary, Pat O’Connor #2 (ex), Sue O’Connor, Dawn Peterson, Judy Pitts, Deborah Reinstatler, Erin Reidy (ex), Michele Sagraves, Jessica Schmitt, Lindsay Stemen (ex), Mary Ann Weber, Megan Weis (ex), Heather O’Leary Ziccardi

The meeting was called to order by resident Megan Kelly. Opening prayers were said.

Installation of Officers: None.

Initiation of New Members: Rachel Hunter was initiated.

Approval of the minutes

· Motion (Judy/Kristin) to suspend with reading of minutes was PASSED and minutes were approved.

Presentation of bills:

· None

Reading of Correspondence:

· Toni read all the correspondence.

Officers’ Reports

· Recording Secretary: Correspondence was read.

· Chaplain: Deacon Chris Campbell was excused.

  • President: Megan thanked the Karen, Mo, and Cathy for the snacks.

  • Vice President: Kristin discussed the possibility of nametags for the members. Judy offered to price the options, but each member would be responsible for purchasing their own. Rosie suggested plastic cards with lanyards, and Gretchen suggested we have a spot to hang here.

· Financial Secretary: There are 31 paid members, 21 members in attendance, 7 seniors, 3 national life, and 48 total members.

· Treasurer: A correction of March expenses was $1,090. Total Receipts were $409.00 and expenses were $1,388.63. Account balances are: MIN - $1,160.04, Celtic - $932.67, Checking balance - $8,997.98 and $6,065.83 after Cottage Fund of $2,932.15. Gretchen gave Catholic Action checks to Karen to send. Beth asked for clarification/description of the accounts. Sub sales brought in $296.00.

· Historian: Mary gave out county ribbons for each member. She talked about the GAA – Gaelic Athletic Association, a national association for organized sports, reviving old sports (Hurling & Gaelic Football) that had not been played in a while, adding rounders and women’s hurling later. Patrick Pearse was involved. Currently there are 2,200 clubs in Ireland. There are GAA clubs throughout the world. Maureen thanked Boo for the great event.

· Missions & Charities: No report. Judy is travelling to Lourdes next month and passed around a notebook for members to write their special intentions for prayers.

· Catholic Action: Karen passed around the monthly activities sheet. She is looking at cemetery tours at the end of June.

· Sentinel: Janelle shared her thoughts on the wonderful Centenary celebration.

· Mistress at Arms: No Report.

Committee reports:

· Freedom For All Ireland-Heather O’Leary Ziccardi/Elaine Browning: Elaine reminded of the 10-year anniversary of the young boy killed by a rubber bullet.

· Hospitality-Teresa Harris: Thanks to Karen Finn, Maureen Lovell, and Cathy Sullivan for snacks. June is Janelle Brown, Julie Lovett, Rosemary Feka.

· Newsletter-Mary Higgins: No Report.

· Membership-Rory Clark: No Report.

· Publicity-Leah Demko: No Report. Lisa complimented Leah on the upkeep of the Facebook page.

· Sunshine-Julie McGhee: No Report. She reminds the member to let her know if something does go on. Judy requested a card be sent to the Higgins.

· Cottage-Maureen Lovell: Maureen reported all materials are in and ready for work. James O’Shea is donating his time and work will be done in the next few months (construction first and then painting will be done). Maureen thanked all who worked and/or participated in the Derby event. Lisa reported that we made $288.00 (including $100 on tips), off going to the cottage fund. Rosie is donating an old vacuum to replace the one that broke.

· Bereavement-Maureen Lovell: No Report.

· Activities-Rory Clark: No Report. Megan is going to suggest a fundraiser/dinner to incorporate into an activity. Saturday, May 21, Byrnes Pub has Mary’s Lane playing. Rosie announced that Switchback will be at the Hey Hey May 20-21.

· Website-Maureen Clark, Toni Dodge, Lisa O-P: No Report.

Unfinished Business

· Megan is has 2 Lilly pins.

· Megan reminded members to pay Judy if they have not paid for the 35th dinner.

· Judy talked about the 35th Anniversary. $200 was brought in for patron ads. She is still collecting for the 35th dinner and requests the last 5 people settle up with her. We brought in $1,085 for that event. The State President’s meal was covered. She thanked Mary Higgins for her assistance and Toni for the pictures. She and Toni discussed Toni putting together a more permanent pictorial history. Thanks to all who attended, including the State President and Vice President. We did take a loss of $368.31 for the event due to low attendance. Judy requested reimbursement. Motion (Toni/Maureen) to reimburse Judy for the loss of funds related to the event was PASSED.

· Megan shared info about the Women’s Honor Flight in September. Kristin offered to talk to Danny Eakins regarding reporting each month.

· Megan talked about the Shamrock Club Feis in July and selling t-shirts (staffing a table). Lisa had approached Ed several months ago about doing this, but no commitment was given. Karen advised that the Shamrock Club is selling merchandising and advised Megan to get hold of the president to discuss this. Karen offered to assist in communications. The Feis is July 8-9. Beth suggested more on this issue be brought up at the next Shamrock Club Feis meeting. She is looking for volunteers to help out.

New business:

· Julie McGhee donated a book, “DeCoding the Celts,” to our library.

· DOE May Crowning, Thursday, May 19, 2019. DOE Voting is Sunday, May 15.

· DOE 2016 Golf Outing is Sunday, August 28. If you’re interested, contact DOE.

· Megan has prayer cards left from the Centenary event.

· Mary suggested another other event with the men includes a co-chair and secretary to properly document what goes on at the meetings.

· Megan spoke to Margie Hess about baldrics. The last time material was ordered was 2007. She would like us to order 20 yards @ $7.00 per yard. The baldrics would be $58.00 each. Janelle suggested we look at a person (local) who does the Shamrock Club baldrics, Laurie Lapinski. Beth also suggested Doris Beatty as a resource. Megan will look into options.

· Megan had raffle tickets for the state nominees.

· Cottage committee requests the trays and finger towels be taken out.

· June 4 is the next State Board Meeting. Tara Hall has rented the hall for this date. The meeting date is TDB and Megan will send an update once a place has been located.

· The National Convention is in July. Maureen, Teresa, Lisa, and Lisa plan to attend.

· Fundraising opportunity working at the Limited Brands for a donation.

· Maureen Clark would like to host a wine and painting night which would include kids and also the men. She is looking for topic ideas.

· Clann na nGael t-shirts are being sold by the Shamrock Club.

· Next year, February 18, 2017 has been reserved the Holiday Inn Worthington for Clann na nGael.

· National Convention is in Atlantic City this year on July 11. There are 2 Ohioans running for National Office. Mary also suggested reservations be made now and to let Megan know if you are going.

· May 21 is the Shamrock Club Golf Outing.

· June 11 is the AOH Golf Outing. We have a standing commitment to give $100 to sponsor

· September 18

· Elaine Browning announced that Holy Family is sponsoring a pilgrimage August 14. A bus $20.00 per person will go to the night vigil mass and return the same night. Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrow.

· Mary talked about Friday, May 27 going to the St. Joseph’s Cemetery to put flags on veterans’ graves. Meet at 9:30 a.m. by the chapel and then put up flags.

· DIF update was given by Toni Dodge. Sign-ups start June 6 and all are encouraged to sign up for at least one shift to ensure members are not over-extended for this fundraiser.

· Officers:

o President – Megan Kelly

o Vice-President – Kristin DeMain

o Recording Secretary – Toni Dodge

o Treasurer – Gretchen Moriarty

o Financial Secretary – Lisa O-P

o Historian – Mary Driscoll

o Missions and Charities – Judy Leddy

o Catholic Action – Karen Finn

o Mistress at Arms – Pat O’Connor #2

o Sentinel – Janelle Brown

· Committees

o Audit – Toni Dodge, Julie Lovett, Mary Driscoll

o Activities – Rory Clark, Erin Reidy, Leah Demko

o Bereavement – Maureen Lovell

o Cottage Manager – Maureen Lovell

o Freedom for All Ireland – Elaine Browning, Heather O’Leary Ziccardi

o Sunshine – Julie McGhee

o Hospitality – Teresa Harris

o Newsletter – Mary Higgins

o Publicity – Leah Demko

o Membership – Rory Clark

o Website – Toni Dodge, Maureen Clark, Lisa O’Connell-Paccioretti

Irish Calendar Events:

· May 20 – Tara Hall birthday night

· May 19 – LAOH darts night at the Shamrock Club

· May 27 – Flags for veterans graves

Proposals for new members: Julie Wright - St. Simon & Jude, Mary Ann Williams – St. Agnes and Kate Tagliaferro - St. Francis Xavier. Voting PASSED.

50/50 Raffle: Total collected was $47.00 and Maureen got $23.50. Elaine got a bag.

Good and Welfare:

· Toni – Meals On Wheels volunteer who died in accident

· Rosie – parish family lost home in fire

· Janelle – cousin lost a child due to diabetes

· Beth – lost uncle

· Judy – Higgins family

· Megan – special intentions for a nephew,

· Mary – nephew graduating from college,

· Maureen – cousin’s husband had surgery, has staph infection

Motion to adjourn (Judy Leddy/Kristin DeMain) was PASSED.

The next meeting of the LAOH will be held on Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

_____________________________ __________________________

Toni Dodge Megan Kelly

Recording Secretary President

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