February 2016

February 12, 2016

Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians

Countess De Markievicz, Div. #1

Minutes from the General Business Meeting

February 11, 2016


Attending (Officers):  Megan Kelly, Kristin DeMain, Toni Dodge, Gretchen Moriarty, Lisa O’Connell-Paccioretti, Karen Finn, Judy Leddy, Mary Driscoll, Janelle Brown

(Members):  Elaine Browning, Phyllis Cain, Maureen Clark, Rory Clark, Leah Demko, Teresa Harris, Mary Higgins, Maureen Lovell, Julie McGhee, Heidi Motika, Sue O’Connor, Erin Reidy, Lindsay Stemen, Cathy Sullivan, Mary Ann Weber, Heather O’Leary Ziccardi


Absent (Officers):  Pat O’Connor #2 (ex)

(Members):  Joanna Brand (ex), Dawn Clark (ab), Rose Eaton, Norah Fagan (ex), Rosemary Feka (ex), Mary Hayes, Carol Higgins (ex), Ginny Holleran (ex), Julie Lovett (ex), Nona McGuire, Janet McGue, Mary Modic (ex), Megan Moriarty (ex), Pat O’Connor #1 (ex), Holly O’Leary, Dawn Peterson, Judy Pitts, Deborah Reinstatler (ex), Michele Sagraves, Jessica Schmitt (ex), Megan Weis (ex)


The meeting was called to order by President Megan Kelly.  Opening prayers were said. 


Installation of Officers:  None.


Initiation of New Members:  Heidi Motika.  Grandmother Elaine Browning acted as Mistress at Arms.


Approval of the minutes

  1. Motion (Judy/Janelle) to suspend with reading of minutes was PASSED and minutes were approved. 


Presentation of bills: 

  1. Pre-approved $21.48 to Maureen Lovell for a step-stool.


Officers’ Reports

  1. Recording Secretary:  No correspondence to read.

  1. Chaplain:  A new Chaplain is needed.  

  1. President:  Megan thanked Mary Ann, Mary H and Judy for the snacks.

  1. Vice President:  No report.

  1. Financial Secretary:  There are (tbd) paid members, 24 members in attendance (25 after induction of new member), 7 seniors, 3 national life, and 51 total members.

  1. Treasurer:  Total Receipts were $847.00 and expenses were $893.50.  Account balances are: MIN - $1,360.01, Celtic - $932.65, Checking balance - $6,900.59 after Cottage Fund of $2,929.63.  Motion (Mary H/Heather) to purchase a stamp for the back of checks was PASSED.

  1. Historian: Mary shared about the book “Heroes and Villains, Forgotten Irish Stories.”  She shared about Helena Grace Rice, born 1866 in Tipparary, who won Wimbledon at age 24, the only Irish woman ever to win.  She was also the first woman to officiate.

  1. Missions & Charities:  Judy shared why the LAOH chose the Columban fathers in 1936, and until a few years ago they were the sole recipient.  Edward Galvin, 1918 was the founder, named after Columban, a 6th century missionary.  The U.S. is still considered a missionary country for this group.  Mary Ann shared an article about Galvin.   

  1. Catholic Action:   Karen passed around the monthly activities sheets.  She is planning trips and looking at ideas. 

  1. Sentinel:  Janelle shared about a recent history book about Ireland.  She will email the information on publication release.

  1. Mistress at Arms:  No Report.

Committee reports: 

  1. Freedom For All Ireland-Heather O’Leary Ziccardi/Elaine Browning:  Heather looked at Twitter and shared a February 5 article about ten people from the Cork region involved in the Rising.

  2. Hospitality-Teresa Harris:  Thanks to Mary H, Judy L, and Mary Ann for snacks.  Maureen, Dawn, Michelle and Rory Clark will bring snacks in March.

  1. Newsletter-Mary Higgins:  Mary is working on the newsletter.

  1. Membership-Rory Clark:  Rory Clark agreed to chair this committee.

  2. Publicity-Leah Demko:  Leah suggests we start an Instagram account and a Twitter account for more exposure.  She suggests we use the tag name “ColumbusLAOH.”  Motion (Leah/Heather) to open the accounts was PASSED.  Motion (Leah/Rory) to create a second “members only” Facebook group was PASSED.

  3. Sunshine-Julie McGhee:  No Report.  A sympathy card was sent in January

  1. Cottage-Maureen Lovell:  Maureen shared the Hibernian Digest.  Three priorities:  entryway, a hi-rise toilet (which is being donated), and cottage painting (being donated).  Other issues – a kitchen hood/vent, looking to fix, a vanity for the kitchen, a new door for the bathroom.  Motion (Maureen/Mary D) for $500 to cover the installation of the toilet, the venting hood, and needed supplies, and the vanity/sink was PASSED.  Maureen talked about the cottage committee wish list and the March “shower” to donate things from the wish list.  Janelle can provide a shop vac and Mary H has a large coffee maker.  Next meeting is March 22 at 6:00p. 

  2. Bereavement-Maureen Lovell:  No Report. 

  3. Activities-Rory Clark:  Rory advised that a donation to GraceHaven is being mailed from the restaurant.  This is a non-profit assisting teens who are victims of trafficking.  She also shared a concert at the Newport/Promo West for Gaelic Storm on February 19th.  Meeting at Byrnes from 5-7:30pm and then go to the concert.  Ticket price is $20 advance/$25 at the door.  She passed around a sign-up list.

  4. Website-Maureen Clark, Toni Dodge, Lisa O-P:  No Report. 


Unfinished Business

  1. We still need a Chaplain for our Division.  Megan reached out to an IC Deacon.  He is interested but later on due to current commitments.  Next thought was to reach out to St. Llad’s priest.

  2. Megan is still selling Lilly pins.

  3. Megan thanked Cathy for the new donation jar. 

  4. Judy’s sash for National is being made. 

  5. Megan will take the toiletries for trafficking victims to Norah. 

  6. Judy talked about the 35th Anniversary.  She looked at venues for the event.  The room rental was $100 per hour.  Suggestion was to have a plated dinner versus buffet due to the expense.  Beef Stroganoff, Chicken, and vegetarian options available.  The date will be April 16, with an estimated cost of $30 per person.  Motion (Judy/Mary H) to go to Mozart’s on North High Street for our celebration.  Our anniversary is April 26.  St. Michael’s, IC and OLP both have 4:00p.m. mass times and start time at Mozart’s would be 6:00 p.m.

  7. Megan was approached about a member in good standing.  Motion (Megan/Judy) to give the MIN $200 for a MasterCard gift card was PASSED, with the understanding $5.00 would be needed for the fee.

  8. Megan pursued the dart league for the 3rd Thursday of the month.  Just the ladies, but non-Hibernians can purchase a pub membership.  Start date would be in April.

  9. Clann na nGael t-shirts are available at the Shamrock Club.

  10. Clann na nGael tickets are available.  Megan would like to purchase a table for the group.

  11. Maureen Clark discussed creating a mural for the cottage to honor the 100th Rising and for the AOH.  She did discuss with Ed the possibility and he was open to the idea.  Megan advised her they should discuss and get approval from Tara Hall and also the Cottage Committee.  If in Tara Hall, the funds would come from the AOH.  This would be a group painting project.  She anticipates the cost to be approximately $70.00.  Suggestion by Janelle to have the officers AOH/LAOH pose with mural to submit to the Hibernian Digest, with a special mention for Maureen Clark.

  12. Mary D. reported on the Easter Rising Committee.  She shared the tentative program agenda.  Thoughts would be to represent those actually involved in the event, including quotes from the time.  The Hooligans will be playing.  Food options are still under discussion.  They will be selling ads for the program.  They are inviting priests of Irish descent to attend.  Judy suggested the committee charge a nominal fee ($10) for the event.  Ten ushers are needed for the mass (Kristin, Lisa, Karen, Julie, Toni).


New business:

  1. Donations for March and April are the Cottage shower.

  2. Clann na nGael is looking to plant a peace tree at Franklin Park Conservatory in April or May.  They are hoping to tie this in to the Uprising.  It will be located in the peace garden.

  3. State Board February 27, joint meeting starts at noon, women’s meeting starts at 1:00 p.m. to discuss protocol.  Megan will discuss splitting the food cost and donations with the AOH.  Motion (Mary H/Kristin) to spend up to $100 on food items for the Board Meeting was PASSED.  Megan will follow-up with Ed and email what people should contribute.

  4. Charity Jar – Maureen asked Megan what her preference would be and she suggested Clintonville Resource Center.  Motion (Judy/Heather) to contribute the charity jar funds to CRC was PASSED.

  5. Megan will order Julie’s MOY magnets.  Julie will arrange her own car. 

  6. Mary H is donating a record collection on the Rising to


  1. Officers:

    1. President – Megan Kelly

    2. Vice-President – Kristin DeMain

    3. Recording Secretary – Toni Dodge

    4. Treasurer – Gretchen Moriarty

    5. Financial Secretary – Lisa O-P

    6. Historian – Mary Driscoll

    7. Missions and Charities – Judy Leddy

    8. Catholic Action – Karen Finn

    9. Mistress at Arms – Pat O’Connor #2

    10. Sentinel – Janelle Brown

  2. Committees

    1. Audit – Toni Dodge, Julie Lovett, Mary Driscoll

    2. Activities – Rory Clark, Erin Reidy, Leah Demko

    3. Bereavement – Maureen Lovell

    4. Cottage Manager – Maureen Lovell

    5. Freedom for All Ireland – Elaine Browning, Heather O’Leary Ziccardi

    6. Sunshine – Julie McGhee

    7. Hospitality – Teresa Harris

    8. Newsletter – Mary Higgins

    9. Publicity – Leah Demko

    10. Membership - OPEN

    11. Website – Toni Dodge, Maureen Clark, Lisa O’Connell-Paccioretti


Irish Calendar Events:

  1. February  19 – Tara Hall Birthday night

  2. February 20 – Clann na nGael

  3. Fridays starting February 12 – fish fries at Shamrock Club by the Emerald Society.

  4. March 3 – Tara Hall Birthday night

  5. March 5 – Hooligans at the Shamrock Club

  6. March 6 – DOE Breakfast, St. Cecelia’s, 8-12

  7. March 10 – LAOH General Meeting

  8. March 11 – Proclamation Day

    1. Mass 8:30am, St. Christopher’s Church, 1420 Grandview Ave.

    2. Breakfast following at Byrne’s Pub for $10

    3. Proclamation Ceremony 10:45am at Columbus City Council

    4. Painting of the Shamrocks at 11:45am

  9. March 12 – Dublin Parade 11:00am, meeting at Metro Place

  10. March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day

    1. Procession to Mass meets 9:00am, corner of Naghten Street & Neilston Street, parade starts 9:30am

    2. Mass 10:00am, St. Patrick’s church

    3. Parade meets on Grant Avenue between Naghten & Spring Streets, parade leaves at 11:30am and proceeds to Battelle Hall, Convention Center

  11. March 24 – Columbus Landmarks Foundation is coming to Tara Hall


Proposals for new members:  Beth Motika, member of Holy Family, and Louise Popich, a member of Holy Family, both sponsored by Elaine Browning.  Voting for both was PASSED.


50/50 Raffle:  Total collected was $42.00 and Mary Driscoll got $21.00. 


Good and Welfare:

  1. Mary D – grandson ill, sister-in-law in hospital with a stroke.

  2. Mary H – keep family in prayers

  3. Toni – nephew & wife expecting.

  4. Gretchen – Judy P on the mend with broken ribs.

  5. Janelle – Matt Sylvester’s daughter died unexpectedly.

  6. Heather – sister Holly worked for Sylvester family

  7. Megan – Jessica & Norah both pregnant, Megan & Mark Dempsey’s grandchild

  8. Rory – private intention

  9. Kristin – “Hail Mary” for special intentions per above


Motion to adjourn (JudyLeddy/Maureen Clark) was PASSED.


The next meeting of the LAOH will be held on Thursday, March 9, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,




_____________________________                               __________________________

Toni Dodge                                                                           Megan Kelly

Recording Secretary                                                            President

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