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January 2016

Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians

Countess De Markievicz, Div. #1

Minutes from the General Business Meeting

January 14, 2016

Attending (Officers): Megan Kelly, Toni Dodge, Gretchen Moriarty, Lisa O’Connell-Paccioretti, Karen Finn, Judy Leddy, Mary Driscoll, Janelle Brown, Pat O’Connor #2

(Members): Elaine Browning, Maureen Clark, Rory Clark, Leah Demko, Rosemary Feka, Teresa Harris, Mary Higgins, Ginny Holleran, Maureen Lovell, Julie Lovett, Julie McGhee, Erin Reidy, Cathy Sullivan, Heather O’Leary Ziccardi

Absent (Officers): Kristen DeMain (ex)

(Members): Joanna Brand (ex), Phyllis Cain (ex), Dawn Clark, Rose Eaton, Norah Fagan, Mary Hayes (ex), Sherry Hayes, Carol Higgins (ex), Martha Marshman, Elaine McCabe, Delores McGroarty, Nona McGuire, Janet McGue, Mary Modic, Megan Moriarty (ex), Pat O’Connor #1 (ex), Sue O’Connor, Holly O’Leary, Dawn Peterson, Judy Pitts, Erin Reidy, Deborah Reinstatler (ex), Michele Sagraves, Jessica Schmitt, Lindsay Stemen (ex), Megan Weis (ex)

The meeting was called to order by President Megan Kelly. Opening prayers were said.

Installation of Officers: None.

Initiation of New Members: None

Approval of the minutes

· Motion (Judy/Janelle) to suspend with reading of minutes was PASSED and minutes were approved.

Presentation of bills:

· Pre-approved to pay rent to Tara Hall for $600.00.

· Motion to pay $222.50 to St. Patrick’s for ½ the rental and insurance for the 100th celebration (Mary Higgins/Elaine Browning) by Mary Driscoll was PASSED.

Officers’ Reports

· Recording Secretary: Correspondence was read.

· Chaplain: A new Chaplain is needed.

  • President: Megan thanked Mary D for helping with snacks. Darts was a good time. We also had an audit and cottage meeting on December 2. Thanks to Cathy for making the audit go so smoothly. Maureen and Megan met with Ed regarding discussion items from the cottage meeting.

  • Vice President: No report.

· Financial Secretary: There are (tbd) paid members, 23 members in attendance, 7 seniors, 3 national life, and 51 total members.

· Treasurer: Total Receipts were $5,111.45 and expenses were $1,119.85. Account balances are: MIN - $1,360.00, Celtic - $932.63, Checking balance - $8,143.46 after Cottage Fund of $2,560.63. Cathy advised the membership she transferred 10% and not 5% in error to the MIN & Celtic funds. Motion (Mary H/Maureen L) to not change the transfer and to leave “as is” was PASSED.

· Historian: Mary talked about her family. Fifty-nine years ago, their grandmother went to Ireland at Christmas time and came back with her nephew, Michael McGrath, who lived here for one year. He moved to Boston, married, and had five children. Today, he is ill, and Mary asks we keep him in our prayers as he has had such an impact on their lives.

· Missions & Charities: Judy will be doing a 2nd drawing each meeting, and has a surprise to give out to the winners. She talked about St. Columban and his many followers in Gall. He moved to Italy, where he died. His feast day is November 23.

· Catholic Action: Karen will be working on goals and missions with Megan. She passed around the monthly activities sheets. She is planning two trips this year.

· Sentinel: Janelle wished everyone a Happy New Year.

· Mistress at Arms: No Report.

Committee reports:

· Freedom For All Ireland-Heather O’Leary Ziccardi/Elaine Browning: No report.

· Hospitality-Teresa Harris: Thanks to Megan, Lisa, and Mary Driscoll for snacks. Mary Ann Weber, Mary Higgins and Judy Leddy will bring snacks in February.

· Newsletter-Mary Higgins: Mary is working on the newsletter, to send out bi-monthly.

· Membership-OPEN: No Report.

· Publicity-Leah Demko: No Report.

· Sunshine-Julie McGhee: No Report. Cathy reported Kevin Cain needs a card for knee replacement.

· Cottage-Maureen Lovell: Maureen reported on first meeting held January 2, with 5 in attendance. Priorities were ranked on tasks, including a new front entryway, new high-rise toilet, and new paint inside. Motion (Maureen/Lisa) to give Tara Hall $200 towards the cost of the new door was PASSED. Motion (Maureen/Lisa) to purchase a step-stool up to a $50 value was PASSED. Maureen and Megan met with Ed Norris and Jim Fath to express appreciation of use of the Cottage and to put/keep everyone on the same page regarding any changes and improvements. Estimates are being obtained for the top 3 priorities. Next cottage meeting is January 28 at 6:00 p.m. Discussion will be on fundraising and wish lists. Leah Demko and Maureen Clark asked if we would like a mural – Maureen L. suggested they attend the meeting to discuss their thoughts. The cookie sales were a success, making $393 which went into the cottage fund.

· Bereavement-Maureen Lovell: No Report.

· Activities-Rory Clark: Rory thanked everyone who attended the Christmas dinner. She plans to send a follow-up regarding incidents with the locations. Rory and Leah talked to the manager, who may send donations to a charity of our choice and/or gift cards to raffle off. Heather suggested we encourage an amount equitable to the amounts overcharged. Send charity suggestions to Rory. Motion (Mary D/Elaine) that Rory choose the charity was PASSED. Rory asked about Clann na nGael. Mary H suggested Rory plan something for St. Brigid’s Day.

· Website-Maureen Clark, Toni Dodge, Lisa O-P: No Report.

Unfinished Business

· We still need a Chaplain for our Division.

· Megan needs to work with Lisa and Kristin about the Lilly pins.

· The Charity Jar remaining funds are $168, which goes to Back in His Arms Again ($148 cash + $20). We will have a new charity for 2016.

· Clann na nGael is February 20, 2016 at the Worthington Holiday Inn, Mass at St. Michael’s. They will again ask for basket raffles. Karen is putting together the basket, to be valued at $120-$150. Tickets are $45 each.

· Motion (Lisa/Janell) to donate toiletries for trafficking victims in February was PASSED.

· Judy talked about the 35th Anniversary. She looked at venues for the event. One suggestion was Shane’s at Livingston Ave. The menu is reasonable. Our anniversary is April 26. Discussion was to hold our event April 30.

· April 23 Centennial will be at St. Patrick’s Church, with mass and food. Father Hayes will attend. Judy suggested we have a meeting February 4 at 6:30p here to discuss suggestions to propose to the Centennial committee. Rosemary reported that Switchback was unavailable to participate. Because St. Patrick’s has flowers, there will be no need to supply additional flowers. Maureen suggested we have prayer cards/memorial cards.

New business:

· Megan is going to talk to the Shamrock Club to see if we can go on the 3rd Thursday of each month to play darts. She also shared the Shamrock Club is organizing volleyball teams for games at Berliner.

· Charity Jar – Maureen asked Megan what her preference would be and she suggested Clintonville Resource Center. Motion (Judy/Heather) to contribute the charity jar funds to CRC was PASSED.


· Officers:

o President – Megan Kelly

o Vice-President – Kristin DeMain

o Recording Secretary – Toni Dodge

o Treasurer – Gretchen Moriarty

o Financial Secretary – Lisa O-P

o Historian – Mary Driscoll

o Missions and Charities – Judy Leddy

o Catholic Action – Karen Finn

o Mistress at Arms – Pat O’Connor #2

o Sentinel – Janelle Brown

· Committees

o Audit – Toni Dodge, Julie Lovett, Mary Driscoll

o Activities – Rory Clark, Erin Reidy, Leah Demko

o Bereavement – Maureen Lovell

o Cottage Manager – Maureen Lovell

o Freedom for All Ireland – Elaine Browning, Heather O’Leary Ziccardi

o Sunshine – Julie McGhee

o Hospitality – Teresa Harris

o Newsletter – Mary Higgins

o Publicity – Leah Demko

o Membership - OPEN

o Website – Toni Dodge, Maureen Clark, Lisa O’Connell-Paccioretti

Irish Calendar Events:

· January 15 – Tara Hall Birthday night


Proposals for new members: Heidi Motika, member of Holy Family, sponsored by Cathy Sullivan. Dispensed with paper ballot, vote was PASSED to accept.

50/50 Raffle: Total collected was $31.00 and Mary Driscoll got $15.50.

Good and Welfare:

· Mary – special intention. Also, she brought shirts for people to take.

· Toni – Aunt having surgery, mom ill.

· Leah – uncle broke leg, sister expecting.

· Julie – aunt passed away, job issues.

· Lisa – Montgomery County LAOH having troubles both internally and with AOH there.

· Maureen – remember 1916 committee.

· Elaine – daughter had foot surgery.

· Megan – received a call from patient’s family member who fell and was injured. She wants to keep him in our prayers.

· Judy – Mahoning County LAOH - turmoil.

· Mary Driscoll – uncle in Boston continued health problems, end of life.

· Mary Higgins – special intention

Motion to adjourn (JudyLeddy/Mary Driscoll) was PASSED.

The next meeting of the LAOH will be held on Thursday, February 10, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

_____________________________ __________________________

Toni Dodge Megan Kelly

Recording Secretary President

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