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The Missionary Society of St. Columban (also known as the Columban Fathers) was founded by Fr. Edward Galvin of Ireland in 1918 to proclaim and witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Today, the Society is comprised of nearly 700 Columban missionaries, including priests, seminarians and lay missionaries.

During the 2008 year, the Columban Fathers celebrated their 90th Anniversary.  Pope Benedict XV approved the Missionary Society of St. Columban in 1918.  The Columban Fathers are presently serving in 14 countries,  Australia, Britain, Chile, China, Fiji, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan, and the United States.  These missionaries continue to direct their focus on matters of justice, peace, environment, world international debt and authentic enculturation of the gospel to world culture and religion.

The Mission Statement of the Columban Fathers is – “The demands of the Gospel call us to stand with the poor.  The suffering of the downtrodden become our cross too.  That is the work of the Missionary Society of St Columban in the United States and around the world.  We cross boundaries of country, language and culture to establish the Catholic Church among people who have never heard the Gospel.  We help churches mature until they are able to evangelize their own people.  We promote dialogue between Christians and those of other religious faiths.”

You may order a “Starter Kit” from the Columban Fathers (877-299-1920) that contains forms and cards that your members may elect to use when making donations in the name of the Columban Fathers.  It is recommended that you submit a $10 payment when ordering a “Starter Kit”  You may also subscribe to the Columban Magazine by ordering on-line or by calling the Columban Offices at the above toll free number.  The subscription fee is $10.  I would recommend that every Division, County and State order a subscription for their Missions and Charities Officer.  She may then share information with the members at each meeting.


 The Columban Sisters were founded in Ireland in 1924.  The Columban Sisters are a part of the Missionary Society of St. Columban, but have a separate organizational structure from the Columban Fathers.  The Columban Sisters work in the United States began on Christmas Eve 1930 when the first Sisters from Ireland arrived in Silver Creek, New York.

Presently the Columban Sisters are serving in 12 countries on four continents, Chile, China/Hong Kong,, England, Ireland, Korea,  Myanmar (Burma), Pakistan Peru, Philippines, Scotland, and the United States. These missionaries continue to provide service in the areas of pastoral outreach, education, medical, faith formation, spirituality, and social service.

In the United States the Sisters ministry is in California (Alhambra), Massachusetts (Boston, Brighton, West Roxbury) and in New York (Silver Creek).

The Mission Statement of the Columban Sisters is – “The Columban Sisters are a congregation of missionary religious women whose commitment to God leads them to cross boundaries of culture, language, and belief to proclaim the Good News of Jesus in today’s world.”


J.O.I.N. provides material needs for low income families in Franklin County and functions under Catholic Charities of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus.

The Joint Organization for Inner-City Needs, was blessed in 2007 to move to its current facility on East Main Street. The current facility provides increased square footage, better security, larger restroom facilities, a comfortable waiting area.



578 East Main Street 
Columbus, OH 43215





Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday (closed holidays)
10–11:30 am and 1–2 pm


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